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About This App

This app was designed to teach all children to tie their shoes, especially those children whose learning needs flourish with strong, graphic instruction reinforced by repetition. This app is easy to use and packed with the learning tools for a successful experience. This app is fun because the voice of Cleetus the Clown narrates the videos and it is his big, colorful, clown shoe that is featured in each step. Enjoy.

Will my child learn to tie their shoes with this app?
We certainly think so. Before you begin, please read our Best Practices.

We are confident this app is the best solution for your child because it is the only instructional aid that combines all the elements necessary for success and this combination is not found in any other app, book or video.

We did our homework
We examined all the options available to parents from free online YouTube videos to books available from retail outlets for $20 or more. None of these choices give the child or the parent the most important feature for success - explicit visuals they can control and repeat at each step.

What should I expect?
This app delivers vivid, high contrast video that ensures your child can distinguish between the left and right laces at each and every step. These striking visuals are used in a "learning loop" technique that enables you to easily isolate and repeat each step when necessary. And you can conveniently start over when needed.

This creates a custom learning environment for your child focusing preciously on those steps that need the most attention. Repetition is the key to mastery and this app let's you use this powerful tool to your complete advantage. It's the perfect way to learn.

To further support your child's learning this app contains:
A full-length video with high-contrast, black and white laces
A full-length video with white laces
Step-by-step video clips of each step
Clear verbal instructions at each step

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Can my child work alone or will they need assistance?
This app supports both approaches. As the parent you are empowered to decide which technique works best for your child.

There are "automatic" and "manual" modes in the step-by-step section. In the automatic mode the individual video clips progress automatically after a short pause. In the manual mode you can control the progression of each step using custom buttons to show a new step or repeat the current step. It's that easy.

In conclusion
As a parent you know your child best and you can determine if your child is ready to master this important life skill. If your child is ready this is the app for them. It is available at the Apple app store.

It looks amazing on the iPhone and spectacular on the iPad.

- and all this for 99 cents.



Tips for Success

In Section One of this app use the Tips for Success to help make this learning experience a success for your child.

Follow our suggestions and Cleetus the Clown will teach your child to tie their shoes. It's fun and easy.

Before you begin, please read our Best Practices.

Full Length Video

The fun-filled journey begins with Cleetus tying his BIG clown shoes in a full length video.

We have included 2 videos to best suit the learning needs of your child; one with white laces and one with black and white laces. The video with black and white laces provides greater visual clarity at each step to help in the learning process.

Step-by-Step Video Clips

When your child is ready, they can move to the step-by-step video section where each step is its own video clip.

Cleetus will show your child each step as many times as necessary to teach your child at their own pace. With Cleetus there's no rush, no fuss, no aggravation.

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