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Best Practices for Success!

If you want this app to work for you and your child, please follow the Best Practices below.

The #1 question.
Will my child learn to tie their shoes with this app? Yes

Will they learn in seconds? No.

Be realistic with your expectations and the pressure you place on yourself and your child. This should be FUN for everyone. This app works, so relax.

Some children learn in a sitting or two. Each child is unique and success depends on your child, their individual needs, dexterity and development level. Be patient. Be realistic and understand this could take minutes, hours, days or weeks but in the end success awaits.

Remain positive and reward your child with words of encouragement at every step.This is a "do with" child exercise, not an independent study.

You should be "shoulder to shoulder" for this to work well for you AND the child.

Let's get started.

Download the app to the iPad.

Open the app. Read the "Tips for Success".
Follow them exactly! Turn off the TV, radio and all distractions.

Black and white laces provide the greatest contrast for the correct movements of the left and right hands.

Place the sneaker - with the correct laces - on the table in front of the child.

Place the iPad in a iPad or picture frame holder on the table as well. This keeps the iPad upright and easy to see. You can buy a plastic picture frame holder at Walmart for $1.00 if you need to.

With the iPad in the holder and on the table, the child can see both the iPad and the sneaker at the same time.

With you shoulder to shoulder with the child, you can easily reach and control the buttons for play, repeat, next and start over.

You are sitting shoulder to shoulder so that the child can keep their hands on the laces and follow the movements on the screen without interruption.

Watch Section 2 to see an overview of the process from start to finish. This section is NOT meant as a follow along. It's an overview.

In section 3 - Step by Step - choose your choice of laces and then select the manual mode.

You now control the video with the buttons. You are in the captain's seat. Use the buttons as much as you like to play, repeat, proceed and start over.

Remember this is FUN, so enjoy it.

Good luck.

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